Colorful painting of Cole Porter sitting at a piano smoking a cigarette wearing a blue blazer with a yellow tie.

Welcome to the
Cole Porter Experience

A woman with curly hair sings into a microphone while a man sits at the piano and plays along with her

Live Cabaret!

Take a seat in our 1940s lounge to hear some of Cole Porter’s biggest hits performed live on stage. Interact with performers and discover more about the singing legend.

An Asian woman in a red dress with a microphone

Augmented Reality Karaoke

Ready to join the show? Step up to the microphone and see yourself perform one of Cole’s hits as a famous performer in our augmented reality karaoke experience.

a finger touching a touch screen

Cole Porter, A Life In Love

How did Cole’s early years influence his Broadway success? Learn more about the man behind the legend as well as the legacy of his work through A Life in Love, an interactive touch screen exhibit.